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          Toy Hauler Travel Trailers  

        2007 Daytona Toy Hauler Trailer

        16 foot up to 30 foot Toyhauler Travel Trailers

        Got Toy Haulers???

        Need a Toy Hauler Trailer? Regardless of what your hobbies are, we have the trailers for you! The Daytona Trailers are the premier Toy Haulers for racers, campers, carrying cargo, or camping with friends.

        High-end Toyhauler Trailers at a reasonable price! You can ONLY get the 2007 Daytona Toy Hauler exclusively through Richardson's RV Centers. We are the official authorized dealer of the new Daytona Travel Trailer. Get a quote today.

        The Daytona is a quality custom built trailer. These Cargo and Enclosed trailers are from 16 foot on up to 30 feet in length. Each Trailer has a steel chassis with wood frame construction. Exterior can be Smooth Gel Coat Fiber-glass or Currogated metal. Each trailer is quality tested before put on the market by the dealer.


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