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          Toy Hauler Travel Trailers  

        Southern California Dealer Locations

        Richardson's RV Centers is...
        Your Authorized Daytona Toy Hauler Dealer
        Visit the website to learn more about these toy hauler trailers.

        With locations in...


        10717 Indiana Avenue
        Riverside, California 92503
        Riverside Service 866-598-1144
        Riverside Parts 866-586-1133
        Riverside Sales 877-205-8820

        SUN CITY

        Between Ethanac & McCall exits
        26786 Encanto Drive
        Menifee, California 92585
        Menifee Service 866-599-7744
        Menifee Parts 866-509-4488
        Menifee Sales 866-864-9810


        Right off I-15 at Winchester Road.
        27590 Jefferson Ave
        Temecula, California 92590
        Sales:    (888) 282-6611